Ramit Sethi developed I Will Teach You To Be Rich in 2003, when he realized that students around the country were not being taught to effectively manage their personal finances.

Since then, he has created IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com, which receives thousands of visitors per month and was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal.

He has expanded his speaking topics to include not only the original 1-hour personal-finance presentation, but also college admissions and entrepreneurship.

And he has spoken at universities and corporations such as Stanford, MIT, and Intel.

For schools and universities, our seminars provide essential and practical training on the topics most relevant to students: their money, their goals, and their educational futures. For corporations, our seminars offer a perfect way to bring entire segments of your workforce together to learn about something important to them. By offering employees the keys to financial responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking today, you invest in their innovation and productivity tomorrow.

Ramit Sethi

About Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and author. He has founded companies in technology, retail, and college advising, and he is currently co-authoring a book advising companies how to effectively recruit college students. He has developed a personal-finance and entrepreneurship curriculum that he has taught to over 2,500 people around the country. His Web site, IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com, receives thousands of visitors per month and was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal.

With an industry focus on user experience, Sethi is a consultant to a number of companies and foundations on emerging technologies, investing, and viral marketing. He is also the Director of Special Projects for the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab.

Sethi is a graduate of Stanford University, where he received undergraduate and graduate degrees studying technology and psychology.


“Ramit spoke to undergraduate engineering students in my program a little over three weeks ago and students are still raving about how informative, real, and engaging his presentation was” (...)

Christopher Resto, UPOP Executive Director,
MIT School of Engineering

“Ramit Sethi gave a very insightful presentation to a packed conference room at Intel Corporation on in July 2005. His tailored talk to the new employees got them to think about a number of money concepts” (...)

Noah Kagan, Coordinator,
Intel Corporation

Speaking topics

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

This flagship presentation covers banking, budgeting, saving, and investing. It is targeted towards college students and recent college graduates, and covers the major points from IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com, including...

  1. How to save your money - tricks to not pay your bank any fees, how to budget, using credit cards, etc.

  2. How to make more money by investing--what are stocks? Bonds? Mutual funds? Roth IRAs? And what can you do to start today and maximize returns?

Why Entrepreneurs Win

How do entrepreneurs think differently about success, risk and reward, and even day-to-day activities? What does it mean to take educated risks? And why is failure almost always taboo? Sethi covers the basics of his ideas about entrepreneurship using real-life examples, including how he has started a number of companies, battled fancy New York lawyers, and has won. But he also covers his ventures that have failed, and the valuable lessons to be learned from them.

Everything You Thought About College Admissions and Scholarships Was Wrong

Imagine how many times you’ve heard something like this: “I hope my son/daughter gets a scholarship so they can go to college” or “I’m not going to apply to Harvard. Even if I got in, I couldn’t afford it.”

These are some of the most commonly misunderstood ideas when it comes to college admissions and scholarships. Sethi, whose scholarships entirely covered his undergraduate and graduate education at Stanford University, describes the common mistakes that high-school students make when applying for college admissions and scholarships. He gives specific, actionable advice for crafting the best application possible. And he changes the way students think about succeeding in their goals.

Sethi has co-founded and manages ScholasticAdvising, a research and advising company targeting college admissions and scholarships.