From attendees of Sethi’s talks

“UCSF found Ramit Sethi to be a most valuable resource for a room full of graduate health science students and researchers. He tailored a talk to their current poverty and potential wealth while never losing track of the basics of sound financial planning. He addressed this bright and demanding group with poise and savvy which was well received and helpful according to their evaluations of the program.

The students often worry about the amount of debt their graduate professional educations are costing and if they will ever see black from all the red. Ramit had done specific research looking at their debt load and being able to reassure them that there was light at the end of their financial tunnels. One student stopped him afterward to thank him for making the terms of her car loan easier to understand as she grappled between "used or new".

Ramit is down to earth and brilliant, obviously loving finance and making connections with young adults who can use his passion to their advantage. It was just the ticket for this campus of the brightest and best!”

Maureen Conway
Director, UCSF Student Activity Services
San Francisco, CA
January 2007

“Ramit delivered an excellent keynote address to over 100 credit union executives during our first annual YES Summit: Serving 18-to-30s.

Our attendees found Ramit's presentation to be useful and enjoyable. His message and delivery were first rate, leaving the audience with keen insights into the young adult demographic. Ramit's discussion also offered some practical "do-this" advice on how to better serve the 18-to-30 market.

Ramit was excellent to work with in preparation for the YES Summit: Serving 18-to-30s. He was willing to tailor his discussion to meet our needs and collaborated with another presenter to ensure program continuity.”

[Note: Also see 32 evaluations from session attendees and the CUNA press release]

Joshua Jones
Manager of Young Adult Programs, Credit Union National Association
San Diego, CA
December 2006

“There's a reason Ramit's talk was so effective: he didn't overwhelm us with information. Instead he identified actionable steps that we can take today in order to start saving and investing wisely. His sense of humor, candid mannerisms, and use of colorful and real examples allowed the audience to connect to Ramit. Ramit's presentation was educational, entertaining, and effective. This talk should not just be for young people - it should be for all people! Thank you - you're welcome to come back to Deloitte anytime!”

Ryan Geist
Deloitte Human Capital,
Washington DC
June 2006

“Ramit spoke to undergraduate engineering students in my program a little over three weeks ago and students are still raving about how informative, real, and engaging his presentation was. Each year, we invite guest speakers from CEO's to recent grads, and I have never seen a speaker make such a long lasting impact on a group of undergraduates like Ramit did. Since he does not represent any particular financial advisory firm, the students really listened and believed him. And because Ramit's presentation is so concise (under one hour and he means it!) and he is so funny, his message really sticks and students act on it.”

Christopher Resto, UPOP Executive Director
MIT School of Engineering
Boston, MA
January 2005

“Ramit Sethi spoke at Miss Porter's School, an independent boarding and day school for high-school girls, during our annual Financial Literacy Day program (more details). He delivered the keynote address to 320 students and approximately 40 faculty members and had the audience engaged - listening, learning, and laughing - for the entire hour. He gave the students sensible advice about saving early, using credit wisely, and investing more aggressively while they are young and can afford more risk. The students felt comfortable asking questions, and Ramit responded articulately to each of them. What was extraordinary was that he really spoke to them on their level, not talking down to them or using language they couldn't understand. He also infused some welcome humor into what could be a very dry topic.

Following the keynote, Ramit worked with our junior class, leading discussions about college scholarships, entrepreneurship, and a more detailed look at investments. Again, the students were involved and interested in the discussions, largely because Ramit is so approachable and straightforward. Ramit was able to convey some terrific advice in a way that kids could truly appreciate. Having a young, hip, knowledgeable speaker was a big hit with the students!

Here are some comments from our student evaluations:
* "The speaker was amazing! He knew what he was talking about and I learned a lot."
* "Keep Ramit, he's so cool!"
* "Ramit Sethi was very funny, practical, and helpful."
* "I liked Ramit, he was very to-the-point and easy to understand."
* "Ramit was great (having someone young is great!)"
* "The speaker was very informative and entertaining -- he made the subject approachable."
* "Ramit was a great speaker and had me engaged the whole time."
* "Ramit Sethi was great! He gave applicable, easy-to-understand advice."
* "Get Ramit back next year! He was crazy interesting."
* "Ramit was incredible! I learned a ton!"”

Jennifer Silverman
Math Teacher & Financial Literacy Coordinator
Miss Porter's School
Farmington, CT
March 2006

“Ramit Sethi gave a very insightful presentation to a packed conference room at Intel Corporation in July 2005. His tailored talk to the new employees got them to think about a number of money concepts, from how to budget to what makes a good investment portfolio. Ramit does a great job of mixing humor, real life examples and facts in providing a well-rounded financial picture for these graduates. I would highly recommend other corporations and individuals grab the chance to invite Ramit to speak. He had our employees captivated from the beginning to the very end of the talk.”

Noah Kagan, Coordinator,
Intel Corporation
Santa Clara, CA
July 2005

“Ramit's class is the ultimate crash course in personal finance! He teaches you the nuts and bolts in layman's terms, so that anyone can pick it up. I learned more about managing my money in one hour with him than I have in three years as an econ major.

The day after taking Ramit's class I setup a personal budget, obtained a free credit report, had my credit limits raised, and got free checking. I never would have known where to start before taking his class. They don't teach you how to do that in high school or college.”

Brooks Kincaid, economics graduate,
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

From visitors of IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com

“Dude, you rock. i love this site.”

“You are doing very, very good work. Your writing has huge relevance to my life and what you offer is practical, applicable, and meaningful.”

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“What I have gathered from your site, is inspiration. It's served as a reminder that there are rules that need to be followed if I want to have a nest egg and not live paycheck to paycheck. Since stumbling across your website, I've completely paid off my credit card (no more consumer debt), opened a savings account at ING Direct, and started contributing to my 401K again. Coupled with a renewed commitment to being financially responsible, and a healthy raise I received in January, I'm in the best financial shape of my life - and that's only after 3 weeks!”

“I happened across it a few months ago and it is now a staple of my daily lunchtime reading. Unlike so many other "personal finance" blogs where people post their net worth and ramble about their Gold ETFs and Energy iShares, yours puts everything in perspective and really looks at the bigger picture. From my experience speaking with friends and coworkers, that is what people need more than anyone is willing to admit.

I am a firm believer that if more people read your site and sites like yours, they would be so much better off. It's not about what stocks you own, or sweating the details - those things scare 99% of people off. It's about getting started, learning the basics, looking at the big picture, and having faith in the fact that someday your efforts to invest (in your education, your portfolio, your passion in life) will pay off - which is exactly what you help people do.”

“I'm newly married (as of Nov. 27th), and finally sat my husband down for a talk about how we need to make a budget. It was slightly painful for him, but he could see how insightful it was to truly look at where we are financially.

Today, he discovered your "I Will Teach you to be Rich" blog! What timing! Instead of this very idea being simply something his wife nagged him about, he can see from a different source how valuable it is. Plus, we'll both be learning more.”

“You saved me a thousand dollars.”

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“I liked the straight forward and casual style that you use to get the message across. GREAT real world application and specifics without getting too buried in stock babble.....This is a talk that every undergraduate college kid should have...”

“I check the website everyday for new tips. The deal is I’m very good at doing whatever you are already advising on your website except investments in stock that I have been lazy about.”

“I wasn't financially savvy. I just ended up in your site few days ago... But after reading "I will teach you to be rich" I'm a little worried about my future and I know that I need to get started. Am 31 yrs old and I know it's not too late. This is an eye opener for me. I know you can help me. You've already replied to my email. So this is real.”

“It is fun/funny to read”

“i'm already pretty up on my finances, maxing out my Roth IRA and contributing to my 401(k) at work. This site reinforces that I'm doing what I need to be doing and makes me feel like I won't be in poverty when I retire!”

“I have created my own monthly spending schedule and I have realized that I may not be able to cut 10% of my spending immediately as I am already pretty professional concerning my spending and there is just nothing apart from the "fun" spending (for things I like) that could be capped at least by 10%. But it is a great way of realizing how much money you actually spend every month.”

“I absolutely love your blog. It's one of the very few I actually read every day.”